What are the Summer hours?

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 

9:00 am and 7 pm* 

Sunday morning bowling at 8:00 am

Blind Draw
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time. If you are going to be late, you may call the Club and asked to be put on the board. However, if no one answers the phone and you leave a message, there is no guarantee you will be placed in the draw.

Late arrivals will be placed in a game when possible or may practice on an open rink.

* These are updated hours for the Summer time only. Regular bowling times after Summer will resume at MWSS 9:30 am.

What is Lawn Bowling Etiquette?

Be on time.

Greet your teammates and opponents before the game, and shake hands after the game.

Be quiet and stand still when someone is bowling.

Observe the rules of possession. Once your team’s bowl has come to rest, move out of the head and off the mat.

Enter the mat from the left and exit from the right.

Congratulate good shots.

Don’t applaud lucky shots, don’t complain about lucky shots, and admit a lucky shot with good grace.

Do not say thank you for a bad shot that goes your way.

Avoid interfering in the head until the results have been agreed upon by the Vices.

If an umpire is called, move away. Their decision is final.

Be a gracious winner and a good loser.

What are your club rules?

While on our green, please abide by the following:

Flat soled shoes must be worn.
Do not drop bowls on the Green.
Alternate rinks and direction of play to reduce wear and tear on the Green.
No alcohol allowed.

Do you accept visitors?

Visitors are always welcome! 

When visiting our club, please keep in mind:

You must wear flat soled shoes.
No need to have your own bowls, the club will provide
All other equipment will is also provided
You may bowl six times at no charge
Lessons can be arranged. Please send email to cadavid.mauricio@gmail.com 

What is your membership dues?

Club membership is $120.00 per year, due on January 1. Should you want to join Bowls USA, an additional fee of $25 will be added to the annual membership. 

If dues are not paid by Feb. 1, you will not be allowed to play.

Membership dues are also pro-rated for new members based on the date they join.

Reciprocal memberships for players from other clubs are set at 50% of their home club’s dues.

Please note that additional membership/dues/fees may be paid for tournaments.